FloraCap Probiotic
FloraCap Probiotic
FloraCap Probiotic

FloraCap Probiotic

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Do you suffer from frequent yeast infections and/or bacterial vaginosis?

The vaginal microbiome is a dynamic ecosystem. FloraCap is packed with 47.5 billion live cultures that were specially selected to promote vaginal health, and is a fantastic addition to your yeast and bacterial vaginosis arsenal for recurrent sufferers. It's also great for your gut, brain, and immune health. Did you know... FloraCap is great for mens health as well! A balanced biome is needed for overall health.

If you need to add to your arsenal of yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis busters...

FloraCap is for you! We've specially formulated FloraCap to contain 47.5 billion live cultures, and 10 different strains of probiotic, which have specifically been shown to support vaginal health.

FloraCap is different than other probiotics to support vaginal health...

Not all probiotics are created equal. FloraCap oral probiotic is formulated based on the latest gynecologic research to promote healthy vaginal flora and yeast balance. It contains 10 specifically selected strains of live, raw cultures which not only help prevent yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, but also promote healthy digestive, urinary and immune function.

Try taking oral FloraCap along with vaginal BoriCap...

If you are tired of the cycle of monthly infections, try knocking them out with a 1-2 punch using BoriCap boric acid suppositories and FloraCap probiotic together.

47.5 Billion Live Strains

Much research was invested in FloraCap to ensure that the 10 different strains are the most potent in fighting yeast & bacterial infections. The results women have speak for themselves!

No Refrigeration Needed

Dried cultures makes the ingredient shelf stable up to 3 years. Refrigerated probiotics often test out lower than labeled because so much culture dies in product development and transport.


We guarantee that you are thrilled with FloraCap! If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, contact us for a refund.

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