CranCap - 30 Count
CranCap - 30 Count
CranCap - 30 Count

CranCap - 30 Count

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Do you suffer from frequent urinary tract infections?

Are you searching for answers for UTI relief...while you’re searching for the bathroom at the same time?

The pain and burning of a UTI can leave you feeling hopeless with no relief in sight...until now! Know that you are not alone, in fact, 40 to 50% of women will have at least one UTI during their lifetimes, and 20 to 30% of those women will experience a recurrence.* What does all this mean? CranCap is the solution you and many other sufferers have been searching for.

If you are tired of fighting chronic UTIs...

CranCap will change your life. Medical research on the use of 36mg PAC (proanthocyanidins) is clinically shown to stop E coli bacteria from adhering to the lining of the urinary tract. This means stopping the symptoms before they start.

CranCap is different than other inexpensive cranberry supplements...

because of the active ingredient proanthocyanidins (PACs), which are extracted from deep within the bioactive North American Cranberry, not in the left over skins, seeds and stems like other supplements.

If you're frustrated by constantly taking antibiotics to prevent and stop UTIs...

When you start taking once daily CranCap, you will no longer need to take daily antibiotics after sexual activity. Constant antibiotic use creates resistance. This means that antibiotics may not work for you one day when you are very sick and need them.

If constant UTIs are affecting your quality of life...

Start taking once daily CranCap. The PACs in CranCap affect E. coli cells in three ways. First, the PACs change the shape of the E. coli from rods to spheres, in turn altering the outer layer of cell. Finally, it compress tendrils on the outside of the cells, which affects E. coli's ability to attach to cells lining the bladder wall. All of these effects inhibit the bacteria's ability to attach to cells lining the bladder wall. 80-90% of all UTIs are caused by a single type of bacteria, E. coli.

(Foxman and Brown 2003 (1))


contains 36 mg of Powerful PAC’s which have been clinically tested to deliver the dosage that is proven to reduce the incidence of UTI’s.


proven anti-adhesion properties means preventing a urinary tract infection before it starts instead of treating the misery of one once it has begun. The structure of PAC’s actually prevents bacteria from adhering to the wall of the urinary tract.


We guarantee that you are thrilled with CranCap! If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, contact us for a refund.

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