FloraPro Probiotic

For Urinary Track Health

High-potency 47.5 Billion CFUs & 10 live strain formula specifically selected to promote vaginal flora and yeast balance. FloraCap oral probiotic is formulated based on the latest gynecologic research.


What is FloraCap?

FloraCap is an oral feminine probiotic which has been custom formulated to support vaginal health. It contains a high-potency 47.5 Billion CFU's. CFU's stands for colony forming units which is the measurement of how many good bacteria a product contains. FloraCap contains 10 live strains ( or different types) of bacteria which have been specifically selected to promote vaginal flora and yeast balance.

CranCap is backed by science & research.

It was originally thought that cranberry juice prevented UTI's because of the acidity of the juice and the flushing effect of the liquid. We now know differently. 

What are Proanthocyanidins (PACs)?

PACs are the active ingredient in CranCap, clinically proven to deliver ex-vivo (outside of the bacteria) E coli bacterial anti-adhesion properties. ie Prevents the bacteria from sticking to the lining of the bladder, thus creating an infection.

How does CranCap prevent an infection?

Cranberry PACs (1) change the shape of the E. coli from rods to spheres, (2) alter the cell membranes, and (3) compress tendrils on the outside of the cells, which affects E. coli’s ability to attach to cells lining the bladder wall. All of these effects inhibit the bacteria’s ability to attach to cells lining the bladder wall. If the bacteria cannot attach itself, an infection cannot develop. (Source US cranberry council). 80 to 90% of all UTIs are caused by a single type of bacteria, E. coli.